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To help support the reproducibility for research results, ACSAC encourages authors of accepted papers to submit software they develop and datasets they use to perform their research and make them publicly available to the entire community. We believe that this is an important initiative that can help the entire community increase its reputation, and make research in the security field proceeds faster by taking advantage of systems previously built by other researchers. We thank all the authors who participated in this initiative, now in its third year!

For more details on the artifact evaluations process, please refer to the Call for Paper Artifacts.

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ACM Artifacts Evaluated Functional

The artifacts associated with the research are found to be documented, consistent, complete, exercisable, and include appropriate evidence of verification and validation.

  • Koinonia: Verifiable E-Voting with Long-term Privacy github
  • Detecting organized eCommerce fraud using scalable categorical clustering github
  • Will You Trust This TLS Certificate? Perceptions of People Working in IT web
  • SecDATAVIEW: A Secure Big Data Workflow Management System for Heterogeneous Computing Environments github
  • Opening Pandora's Box through ATFuzzer: Dynamic Analysis of AT Interface for Android Smartphones github
  • A Game of "Cut and Mouse": Bypassing Antivirus by Simulating User Inputs
  • Proof of Aliveness github
  • Function Boundary Detection in Stripped Binaries github
  • Revisiting Utility Metrics for Location Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms github
  • Model Inversion Attacks Against Collaborative Inference github
  • Co-Evaluation of Pattern Matching Algorithms on IoT Devices with Embedded GPUs web
  • PDoT: Private DNS-over-TLS with TEE Support github

ACM Artifacts Evaluated Reusable

The artifacts associated with the paper are of a quality that significantly exceeds minimal functionality. That is, they have all the qualities of the Artifacts Evaluated – Functional level, but, in addition, they are very carefully documented and well-structured to the extent that reuse and repurposing is facilitated. In particular, norms and standards of the research community for artifacts of this type are strictly adhered to.

  • WooKey: Designing a Trusted and Efficient USB Device github
  • JStap: A Static Pre-Filter for Malicious JavaScript Detection github
  • SIP Shaker: Software Integrity Protection Composition github
  • Out of Control: Stealthy Attacks Against Robotic Vehicles Protected by Control-based Techniques github
  • Speculator: A Tool to Analyze Speculative Execution Attacks and Mitigations github
  • Privacy Preserving Substring Search Protocol with Polylogarithmic Communication Cost web
  • STRIP: A Defence Against Trojan Attacks on Deep Neural Networks github
  • FuzzBuilder: Automated building greybox fuzzing environment for C/C++ library github