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Artifact Committee

Artifact Evaluation Co-Chair: Martina Lindorfer, TU Wien
Artifact Evaluation Co-Chair: Gianluca Stringhini, Boston University

The ACSAC 2022 Artifact Evaluations committee was divided into two groups: Students and Mentors. Students were tasked with performing the practical evaluations, providing feedback to the artifact authors, and writing an artifact review. Mentors were tasked with supervising the artifact evaluation process and participating in the PC discussions to arrive to a final decision on what type of badge to assign to the accepted artifacts.


Achyut Hegde, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Alessandro Erba, CISPA
Alessandro Sanna, Università di Cagliari
Amit Seal Ami, College of William & Mary
An Chen, University of Georgia
Basanta Chaulagain, University of Georgia
Chaoqi Zhang, Indiana University
Christof Ferreira Torres, ETH Zurich
Dilawer Ahmed, North Carolina State University
Guilhem Lacombe, CEA LIST, Université Paris-Saclay
Hao Zhou, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hyungsub Kim, Purdue University
JianJia Yu, Johns Hopkins University
Jing Xu, Delft University of Technology
Jun Yeon Won, Ohio State University
Kaifa Zhao, The Hong Kond Politechnic University
Kaushal Kafle, College of William & Mary
Lauren Pace, Lousiana State University
Marcelo Morales, Ohio State University
Masudul Hasan Masud Bhuiyan, CISPA
Mingqing Kang, Johns Hopkins University
Nian Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology
Niusen Chen, Michigan Technological University
Oguzhan Ersoy, Radboud University
Peiyang Li, Tsinghua University
Prianka Mandal, College of William & Mary
Pujan Paudel, Boston University
Qi Zhao, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Qingxuan Wang, Nankai University
Raounak Benabidallah, CEA LIST, Université Paris Saclay
Rui Zhu, Indiana University
Saad Ullah, Boston University
Salwa Souaf, CEA LIST, Université Paris Saclay
Sathvik Prasad, North Carolina State University
Seaver Thorn, North Carolina State University
Shaohu Zhang, North Carolina State University
Shaoqiang Wu, Nankai University
Shu Wang, George Mason University
Shujiang Wu, Johns Hopkins University
Soheil Khodayari, CISPA
Soomin Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Stefanos Koffas, TU Delft
Thijs van Ede, University of Twente
Tongwei Ren, WPI
Xiaoli Zhang, Zhejiang University of Technology
Xijia Che, Tsinghua University
Xinda Want, George Mason University
Xinhao Deng, Tsinghua University
Yue Qin, Indiana University
Yue Xiao, Indiana University
Yunkai Zou, Nankai University
Yuping Wang, Boston University
Zhenduo Hou, Peking University
Zifeng Kang, Johns Hopkins University
Zihao Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Zilong Lin, Indiana University
Zsolt Levente Kucsvan, University of Twente


Adwait Nadkarni, William & Mary
Aisha Ali-Gome, Lousiana State University
Alexandros Kapravelos, North Carolina State University
Andrea Continella, University of Twente
Bo Chen, Michigan Technological University
Christian Wressnegger, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Davide Maiorca, University of Cagliari
Ding Wang, Nankai University
Fengwei Zhang, Southern University of Science and Technology
Kun Sun, George Mason University
Kyu Hyung Lee, University of Georgia
Leigh Metcalf, CERT/CMU
Lorenzo De Carli, University of Calgary
Marco Balduzzi, Trend Micro
Qi Li, Tsinghua University
Sang Kil Cha, KAIST
Sébastien Bardin, CEA LIST, Université Paris Saclay
Stjepan Picek, Radboud University & TU Delft
Xiaojing Liao, Indiana University
Xiapu Luo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Yinzhi Cao, Johns Hopkins University
Zhiqiang Lin, Ohio State University