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Visa Letters


If you are a non-US citizen planning on attending ACSAC, transiting into the United States from abroad, you may require a visa from the US Department of State. For information on visa requirements, please visit the Department of State web page at

Letters of Invitation

The conference will be glad to issue a letter of invitation to attend the conference. If you pay for the conference and your visa is denied, the conference will refund your registration or advance fee less a nominal handling charge.

Note: Refund requests of the conference fee after a visa letter has been issued, will result in notification to the US State Department and/or US Embassy in country of origin.

To request a letter of invitation, please fill out the visa letter request form.

The conference will need sufficient time to process your letter request.

If you anticipate lengthy delays in securing a visa, send your visa letter request sufficiently in advance.

Transmittal of Letters

We will email you the letter or upon request send it via postal mail. We do not mail letters directly to the consulate; most consulates have indicated they do not have the facilities to file such letters pending an application. This letter must be requested in sufficient time to accommodate the delays inherent in international mail and the local embassy/consulates processing time. We will endeavor to have your letter in the mail within 7 working days of the receipt of your request. Late requests may not arrive to you in time, and you may not receive your visa. Expedited mail can be offered upon request by registered attendees only and at their expense.


It is the attendee's responsibility to apply for any visas and request any letters of invitation. It is the attendee's responsibility to demonstrate that they are properly classifiable as visitors under U.S. law to consular officials. ACSAC and ACSA cannot ensure that a visa will be granted to you. That determination is at the sole discretion of the Embassy/Consulate. Should your application be denied, ACSAC cannot change the decision of the governmental agency.