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Organizing Committee

Conference Chair
Roberto Perdisci, University of Georgia and Georgia Tech

Conference Co-Chair
Kapil Singh, IBM

Program Chair
Martina Lindorfer, TU Wien

Program Co-Chair
Gianluca Stringhini, Boston University

Artifacts Evaluation Co-Chairs
Adwait Nadkarni, William & Mary
Tobias Fiebig, MPI-INF

Case Studies Co-Chairs
Kevin Roundy, Andromeda Security
Zain Shamsi, Applied Research Lab, UT Austin

National Interest Track Chair
Tomas Vagoun, NITRD

Panels Chair
Beth Scruggs, Aerospace Corporation

Posters & Works-in-Progress Co-Chairs
S├ębastien Bardin, CEA LIST
Anupam Das, North Carolina State University

Workshops Co-Chairs
Harvey Rubinovitz, The MITRE Corporation
Omar Alrawi, Georgia Institute of Technology

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs
Daniel Faigin, Aerospace Corporation
Matt Troglia, Sandia National Labs

Proceedings Chair
Giorgio Giacinto, University of Cagliari, Italy

Publicity Co-Chairs
Peter Mayer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Hamed Okhravi, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Xiapu Luo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sponsorships Chair
Baris Coskun, Amazon AWS

Student Conferenceship Co-Chairs
Junjie Zhang, Wright State University
Tyson Bailey, Sandia National Labs
Alexander Stein, NIST

Test of Time Award Committee Chair
William Robertson, Northeastern University

Registration Coordinators
Karen Davis
Daniel Faigin, Aerospace Corporation

Knowledge Coordinator
Dan Thomsen, SIFT

David Balenson, USC Information Sciences Institute

Web Advisor
Robert H'obbes' Zakon, Zakon Group LLC