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Paper Hints and Notes

  • Non-native English speakers are strongly encouraged to obtain the assistance of a technical editor before submitting papers, as language difficulties are a frequent concern during the review process. We also encourage non-native speakers to practice their verbal skills, as well as their ability to understand spoken English, so they will be able to understand questions during conference presentations.
  • Papers which are not appropriate for the refereed papers track may be appropriate for the "case studies" track. Another alternative is to assemble a group of people with diverse ideas on the topic you wish to discuss and submit a panel proposal. We encourage you to consider these opportunities as well.
  • Please do not include a copyright notice on your paper, as it interferes with our ability to make legal copies for reviewers, and also interferes with the anonymizing process.
  • If accepted, the author(s) will be required to provide a signed copyright assignment to the proceedings' publisher.
  • It is the responsibility of the author(s) to address any potential patent issues. Specifically, ACSAC makes no guarantees as to whether the submission of a paper affects your ability to obtain a patent on any technology described in the paper.
  • It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain any necessary publication approvals before the paper can be packaged into the proceedings. Because organizations have different policies, we suggest that you obtain approvals before submitting your paper to ACSAC for consideration.
  • All submissions will be judged on originality, relevance, and correctness. Accepted submissions may be assigned a member of the program committee to act as its shepherd through the preparation of the final paper. The assigned member will act as a conduit for feedback from the committee to the authors.
  • ACSAC, like most conferences and journals, requires that papers should not be submitted simultaneously to another conference or publication and that submitted papers should not be previously or subsequently published elsewhere. Papers accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms are not acceptable and will be returned to the author(s) unread. All submissions are held in the highest confidentiality prior to publication in the Proceedings, both as a matter of policy and in accord with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.
  • As mentioned in the Call for Papers, when preparing the artifacts repository for initial inclusion in the paper submission form (under the "Artifacts URL" input box), please take extra care to not include authors’ information in the repository or artifacts content, so as not to break the anonymity of the paper submission. Authors may want to consider using services such as GitFront or Anonymous GitHub. Additionally, authors should make sure to use account names and repository names that do not identify the authors, and should remove any comments/text in the repository that may directly identify the authors or the authors’ institution.