Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoTs)


ACSAC is renewing its focus on tackling hard, cutting-edge, cyber security problems requiring cooperation from government, industry and academia. A track of orchestrated sessions will include government and industry speakers to frame the problem, industry and academic speakers to discuss issues and challenges related to the problem, and academic speakers to introduce promising security research. We will also address failed attempts that provide useful lessons learned. The primary goal of this special track will be to foster discussion that can expose opportunities for further collaboration and highlight promising research directions.


ACSAC especially encourages submissions in the area of Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoTs). The proliferation of connected devices in homes and offices poses significant novel threats to both security and privacy. While particular systems (thermostats, baby monitors, coffee makers, etc.) have received individual study, new perspectives are needed to develop more robust and versatile defenses for protecting devices and networks as the IoT expands. Selected submissions will be featured in a special track at the conference.

ACSAC welcomes submissions of technical papers, panels, workshops, posters, and works-in-progress as well as other "out-of-the-box" ideas. ACSAC also welcomes specific suggestions for invited speakers and presenters. See the Call for Submissions link to your left for specific instructions for each submission type. To be considered for this special track, submissions should prepend "IOT:" to their titles.

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