Thank you for a great 2015 event!

Information on the 2016 event will be available in March

ACSAC brings together cutting edge researchers, with a broad cross-section of security professionals drawn from industry, government and academia, gathered to present and discuss the latest security results and topics. With peer reviewed papers, invited talks, panels, workshops, and professional development and training courses, ACSAC continues its core mission of investigating practical solutions for computer security technology.

Special Focus: Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things

With estimates ranging from 10 to 50 Billion, the number of devices incorporating embedded computation and communicating over the Internet is expected to grow unimaginably large in just the next few years. This proliferation of connected devices poses significant novel threats to both security and privacy.

Invited Speakers

Jeannette Wing

Jeannette Wing

Microsoft Research

Cybersecurity Meets Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber Grand Challenge

The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Infrastructure Team

Building, Running and Scoring a Cyber Competition for Fully Automated AI Systems, presented by Benjamin Price and Michael Zhivich, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

2015 Program Features ...

40+ Peer-reviewed Research Papers
National Interest Topics
6 Professional Development Courses
5 Expert Panels
3 Workshops
Case Studies
plus much more...

Additional ACSA Events:
NSPW – New Security Paradigms Workshop
LASER – Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results