Student Conferenceship Award

Update: All regular student conferenceship have been awarded for this year's conference. However, funds are still available to help support students to attend Tracer FIRE (see below for details).

What is the Student Conferenceship Award?
ACSA is pleased to announce the availability of conferenceships enabling students to attend the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. This program will help pay for the conference for selected students. The students must be nominated by a faculty member at an accredited university or school, and must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students.

Conferenceships can be requested by any student and will be awarded to students that will get the most from ACSAC. Conferenceship awards will normally take the form of a reimbursement to be applied against conference registration and travel/lodging expenses. Our intent is to help as many students as possible based on need.

To be considered for the Conferenceship Program, the following information should be submitted to the Student Awards Chair:

  • Name, address, and name of institution.
  • Course work applicable to a career in information system security and grades received in those courses.
  • GPA.
  • A short narrative that discusses why you are interested in the field, relevant areas of interest, and the type of career you plan on pursuing.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members.
  • (Optional) A statement if you are a member of an under-represented minority (including women).

All student conferenceship funds have been allocated for this December's conference. However, funds are still available for students interested in attending Tracer FIRE on December 3 and 4. These awards include reimbursement for Tracer FIRE registration and partial travel cost reimbursement. Students interested in applying for these awards should apply ASAP following the process above with the exception that letters of recommendation are not required for Tracer FIRE awards.

  • Conferenceship Application: PDF | DOCX
Who do I contact for more information?
For more information, or to submit conferenceship applications, contact the ACSAC Student Awards chair at

Mailed applications may be sent to:

Ben Cook
PO Box 5800, MS - 1328
Albuquerque NM 87185-1328

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