Since 1984, ACSAC has brought together the foremost professionals in industry, government and academia to present and discuss the cutting edge of applied computer security. ACSAC has provided a venue for many major names in computer security to publish influential work.

The ACSAC conference committee believes that ACSAC provides a unique venue in computer security. Where many conferences concentrate on a specific audience, focusing on academic problems, or policy issues, or the latest exploits, ACSAC explicitly casts a wide net, and through a combination of case studies and paper publication, encourages interactions between the separate communities that all deal in computer security. The 2011 conference, in Orlando, Florida, promises to continue this tradition, with leading security experts such as Susan Landau, Terry Benzel, Paul Syverson and Matt Blaze speaking at the conference.

As a nonprofit with an all-volunteer staff, ACSAC seeks sponsorships in order to support a conference that stresses the interaction between our academic, governmental and commercial participants. Sponsorships help to defray the cost of running the conference and frees up funding to sponsor student attendance and provide workshops. By sponsoring ACSAC, your organization will be recognized as a leader shaping tomorrow's information security field.

ACSAC provides three sponsorship tiers: standard, silver and gold. The benefits of sponsorship are described below:

Standard$1,500Sponsorship logo on ACSAC website, conference ribbon recognizing sponsor, sponsor flyers in conference bags
Silver$3,000Benefits above, plus one free conference registration and logo is placed in Silver tier
Gold$5,000Benefits above, plus two free conference registrations, logo in gold tier

In addition to sponsorship opportunities, ACSAC provides table space and facilities for exhibitors to interface with attendees. Table space is available for a $500 fee on top of the standard registration fee.

ACSAC provides a variety of gifts and recognitions for sponsorship, and we are capable of offering a variety of packages tailored to your needs. If you are interested in becoming an ACSAC sponsor, contact sponsorships@acsac.org.