Celebrating 30 Years!

Special Focus: Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems

"The future applications of CPS are more transformative than the IT revolution of the past three decades."

Strategic R&D Opportunities for 21st Century Cyber-Physical Systems,
Report of the Steering Committee for Foundations in Innovation
for Cyber-Physical Systems, January 2013

Invited Speakers:

Avi Rubin

Aviel D. Rubin

Johns Hopkins University

Taking Two-Factor to the Next Level: Protecting Online Poker, Banking, Healthcare and Other Applications

Multics Patch

The Multicians

In 1964, a project was launched that helped define the field of computer security. On Multics' golden anniversary, ACSAC celebrates this groundbreaking work with a panel of industry luminaries: Olin Sibert (moderator), Steve Lipner, Roger Schell, and Tom Van Vleck.

Sibert Lipner Schell Van Vleck

2014 Program Features ...

47 Peer-reviewed Research Papers
CPS Track
National Interest Topics
8 Professional Development Courses
5 Expert Panels
3 Workshops
Case Studies
plus much more...

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

ACSAC papers undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Here are some of the papers to be presented at ACSAC in 2014: (refresh the page to see other titles)

JShield: Towards Real-time and Vulnerability-based Detection of Polluted Drive-by Download Attacks

MACE: High-Coverage and Robust Memory Analysis For Commodity Operating Systems

Centrality Metrics of Importance in Access Behaviors and Malware Detections

TROGUARD: Context-Aware Protection Against Web-Based Socially Engineered Trojans

Additional ACSA Events:
NSPW – New Security Paradigms Workshop
LASER – Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results