[ACSAC History]

1992: Complete List of Papers from the Eighth ACSAC

ACSA Distinguished Lecture:
Computer Security Myths and Mythtakes or "The REAL Security Problem is...", James P. Anderson

Keynote Speaker: Daniel J. Ryan



Architecture and Integration
Session Chair: M. Schaefer, CTA

Secure System Architectures and Integration, A. W., E. Anderson, and C. Gavey

Trustable Computing in Next-Generation Avionic Architectures, J.O. Bondi

Security Products (SecurityPro) Transition Analysis Facility (STAF): Pragmatic Concepts for
MLS Technology Transition , C. Arangio, T. Chen, and S. Neidhard.

Plenary Panel: Security and Software Engineering: Wedlock or Gridlock? Moderator: J.E. Heaney

Panelists: A. Reedy, J. McHugh, and T. Longstaff

Trusted Systems l
Session Chair: J. Bondi

Integrating Cryptography Into Trusted Systems: A Criteria Approach, W. Brierley

Security Test and Evaluation for Multilevel-Mode Accreditation: Lessons Learned, D. J. Bodeau, N.R. Brusil, I.N. Chang, and M.J. Reece

An Overview of the AMC WWMCCS Cat Guard, R.A. Vick, HFS /nC.


Risk Analysis
Session Chair: N. McAuliffe, TIS

A Conceptual Model for Computer Security Risk Analysis , D. J. Bodeau

An Application of Qualitative Risk Analysis to Computer Security for the Commercial Sector , S.P. Bennett and M.P. Kailay

Database Management Systems
Session Chair: G. Smith
Arca Systems, Inc.

Security Constraint Processing During Multilevel Secure Database Design, G. Pernul University of Vienna

Providing Security in a Phone Book Database Using Triggers, S.R. Lewis S.R. Wiseman and N.D. Poulter

Trusted RUBIX Architecture and Policy Model Interpretation, C.J. Testa and B.D. Wilner and V.D. Gligor



Modeling and Analysis
Session Chair: J. McHugh
University of North Carolina

Security Composition of Systems J.A. McDermid and Q. Shi University of York

Performance Analysis of a Method for High Level Prevention of Traffic Analysis, R.E. Newman-Wolfe and B.R. Venkatrarnan

Implementing Transaction Control Expressions by Checking for Absence of Access Rights, P.E. Ammann and R.S. Sandhu

Trusted Systems II
Session Chair: R Kemmerer
University of California

A Comparison of Trusted X Security Policies, Architectures, and Interoperability, J. Picciotto, J. Epstein

A Cautionary Note on Image Downgrading, C. Kurak and J. McHugh

Access Control and Applications on Trusted Systems, M. V. Joyce The MITRE Corporation

Panel: Trusted Systems and Personal Trust Moderator: M. van Swaay

Panelists: R.B. Vaugl1n , R. Kaplan. and P.F. Sullivan

Panel: Certifcation of Trusted SystemsModerator: B. Tretick BoozáAllen & Hamilton
Panelists: J. McDermott, L C. Pierce, and C. West

Mini Workshop: Do We Need a Trusted Applications Interpretation?
Panel Moderator: T. Korels/y, ORA


Panel: Building Tomorrow's Security Architectures,
Moderator: B. McKenney
Panelists: J. Weis, D. Gobuty, and J. Kimmins

Session Chair: R. Sandhu,

SNPP: A Simple Network Payment Protocol., S. Dukach

Dealing with the Dynamics of Security: Flexibility with Utility in an MLS LAN, P.A. Loscocco and W.R. Kutz, D.M. Johnsonand, R.J. Watron
Standards for Computer Systems Security: An Interoperability Analysis of SDNS SP3 and ISO NLSP

System Issues
Session Chair: M. Abrams, The MlTRE Corporation

Paradigms for Verification of Authorization at Source of Electronic Documents in an Integrated Environment, S. Russell

A Generic Virus Scanner in C++, S. Kumarand E.H. Spafford

Penetration State Transition AnalysisÑA Rule-Based Intrusion Detection Approach, P.A. Porras and R.A. Kemmeler

Panel: Trusted System Evaluation Process
Moderator: C. Barker, TIS
Panelists: Lt Col Sheldon, M. Schaefel; C.P. Pfleeger s


Database Security
Computer Security Models
An Introduction to Trusted Systems
UNIX Security Trusted Networks: Concepts, Issues, and Examples
An Overview of Non-US Evaluation Criteria
An Overview of the New U.S. Information Protection Criteria