[ACSAC History]

1989: Complete List of Papers from the Fifth ACSAC

Distinguished Lecture: INFOSEC: How Far We Have Come! How Far Can We Go?
S.T. Walker

Session 1: Panel: Computer Crime
Moderator: G. Thackery

Session 2: Panel: CALS Data Security & Integrity
Moderator: AR. Friedman

A Structured Risk Analysis Approach to Resolve the Data Protection and
Integrity Issues for Computer-Aided Acquisition Logistics Support (CALS), R. A. Gove and AR. Friedman

Electronic Information Security in a Digital Environment, R.M. Davis

The CALS Data Protection and Integrity Industry Working Group, B. C. Karp

Data Protection Requirements in Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support , W.C. Gorham. Jr.

Session 3: Panel: Human Issues
Moderator: S.J. Reynolds

Human Issues, S J. Reynolds, T.P. Grove, Jr., and JN. Parrigin

Session 4: Panel: Unclassified Systems Security
Moderator: R. Lang

Implementing Sensitive But Unclassified Security, Today
R. Lang

Session 5: Panel: Shootout at the OSI Security Corral
Moderator: P. Lambert

Shootout at the OSI Corral, P. Lambert

A Security Standard for LANs, KE. Kirkpatrick

End-to-End Encryption at the Network Layer, R. Nelson

Blectronic Messaging Security: A Comparison of Three Approaches, R. Housley

Session 6: Risk Management
Chair: D. Snow

The Role of Vulnerability in Risk Management, K. Otwell and B. Aldridge

Intrusion and Anomaly Detection In Trusted Systems, JR. Winkler and W.J. Page

A Model of Security Monitoring, M. Bishop

An Approach for Evaluating the Security of an Air Force Type Network, N.K. Woodfield

Session 7: Panel: Security Standards for Open Systems
Moderator: EJ.Humphreys

Security Standards For Open Systems, E.J. Humphreys

ISO/EC Work on OSI Security Standards, W. Ford

CCITT DAF Security, M. Stirland

ECMA Security Standards, T. Parker

Session 8: Audit Applications
Chair: W.Neugent

Protection of Call Detail Records Data in Federal Telecommunications, S. Chokhani

Security Audit for Embedded Avionics Systems, KN. Rao

Session 1: Architecture for Trusted Systems
Chair: R. Wong

Development of a Multi Level Data Generation Application for GEMSOS, ER. Schallenmuller, RR. Cramer, and B.T. Aldridge

Designing a Trusted Client-Server Distnbuted Network, S. Migues and R. Housley

The Security Policy of the Secure Distributed Operating System Prototype, N. Proctor and R. Wong

Session 2: Paoel: TCB Subsets Issues
Moderator: R J. Feiertag

Does TCB Subsetting Enhance Trust?, R.J. Feiertag

Considerations on TCB Subsetting, H. B. Winkler-Parenty

TCB Subset Architecture, LL. Vetter

Session 3: Panel: GeminiUsers
Moderafor: S. Chokhani

Panel, Gemini Developers: Facts, Myths, and War Stories, D. Garnbel

A Summary of the Unisys Experience with GEMSOS, D. Paul

Session 4: Architecture and Mechanisms
Chair: S. Chokhani

Process Execution Controls as a Mechanism to Ensure Consistency, E.M. Bacic

Architectural Support of Fine~rained Secure Computing , J.O. Bondl and MA. Branstad

Access Control by Boolean Expression Evaluation, D.V. Miller and R. W. Baldwin

Session 5: Panel: Civil Sector Security
Moderator: G. Lang

Assessment of Security Requirements for Sensitive Systems, N. Brown

Challenges Faced Today by Computer Security Practitioners, L.F. Reese
ADP Security Within the Customs Service, W. Green
Computer Security and Air Traffic Automation, S. D .Smith

Session 6: Software Development for Security
Chair: J.McHugh

Software Methodology for Development of a Trusted BMS: Identification of Critical Problems, SD. Crocker and E.J. Siarkiewicz

Developing Trusted Systems Using DOD-STD-2167A, T.C.V. Benzel

Secunty Issues and Ada Runtime Support, L. J. Harrison

A Rislc-Driven Process Model for the Development of Trusted Systems, A. Marrnor-Squires, J. McHugh, M. Branstad, B. Danner, L. Nagy, P. Rougeau, and D. Sterne

Sessioo 7: Panel: Space Station Information Security
Moderator: R. Kovach

Session 8: Database II
Chair: M. Tinso

Issues in Distributed Database Security, A.R. Downing, IB . Greenburg, and T F. Lunt

Secure Query Processing in Intelligent Database M~nagement Systems, MB. Thuraisingham

Session 1: Database Security I
Chair: MB. Thuraisingham

TCB Subsets: The Next Step, L. Vetter and G. Smith

Multi-Party Update Connict The Problem and Its Solutions, T.F. Keefe, DJ. Thomsen, W.T. Tsai, and MR. Hansch

Auditing: A Relevant Contribution to Trusted Database Management Systems, M. Schaefer, B. Hubbard, D. Sterne, TK. Haley, J.N. McAuliffe, andD. Wolcost

Session 2: Network Security
Chair: R. Henning

Net vork Authentication Tokens, R. Davis

A Survey of Commercially Available Secure LAN Products, G. King

Applying the TNI to System Certification and Accreditation, R.E. Niemeyer

Session 3: Cryptographic Applications
Chair: C. Covey

An Extended Cryptographic Key Generation Scheme for Multilevel Data Security, L. Harn, Y.-R. Chien, and T. Kiesler

Two New Efilcient Cryptosystems Based on Rabin's Scheme: Alternatives to RSA Cryptosystem, L. Harn and T. Kiesler

Evaluation Issues for an Integrated "INFOSEC" Product, FL. Mayer, W.C. Barker, T.K. Haley, J.N. McAuliffe, D.F. Sterne and L.S. Vidmar

Session 4: Panel: Integrity
Moderator: M.M. Pozzo

Integrity: A Perspective. M.M. Pozzo


Secure System Design - Introduction (Morrie Gasser, DEC)
Approaches to Database Security (Teresa Lunt, SRI)
Secure System Design - Advance (Virgil Gligor, U of MD)
A New Approach to Network Security (Jerome Lobel, Lobel Consulting)
Computer Crime (Gail Thackery, Arizona Asst Atty General)