Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

General Information

About The Conference

The phenomenal growth of the Internet is threatening our notion of privacy and property. Automated information networks are routinely processing private, proprietary, sensitive, classified, and critical information. The Internet has created an addiction to information and instantaneous information exchange in the military, government, and private sectors. Operational requirements for civil and military systems increasingly stress the necessity for readily accessible information. Accomplishing both operational and security requirements requires the application of maturing computer security technology to new and existing systems throughout their life cycle.

This conference will explore technology applications in complementary aspects: policy issues and operational requirements for both civil and military systems; hardware and software tools and techniques being developed to satisfy system requirements; and specific examples of systems applications and implementations.

A two and a half day technical conference exploring the application of computer security technology will be preceded by two days of tutorials dealing with policy matters, technology applications, and other areas. Introductory and advanced surveys will be offered as well as advanced courses exploring specialized technology areas.

Outstanding Paper Award: An annual prize for the Outstanding Paper has been established for the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. The award will be based on both the written paper and an oral presentation of the paper by the author at the conference. A plaque and honorarium will be presented to the winning author during the conference.