[ACSAC History]

1994: A Decade of ACSAC

This brings us to ACSAC 10, held December 5 to 9, 1994. With a slight twist on the conference's location philosophy, we returned to Orlando but to a different hotel--the Grosvenor Resort, Walt Disney World Village. The committee made some major changes this year. Dr. Ron Gove, after three years as the General Chairman stepped aside with relief. Ann Marmor-Squires, who had been the technical program chair for the past three years became the General Chairman. The full committee included:

Conference Chair Ann Marmor Squires TRW
Treasurer Jandria Alexander The Aerospace Corporation
Recording Secretary Noelle McAuliffe Trusted Information Systems
Program Chair Dr. Gary Smith ARCA Corporation
Student Award Chair Dr. Ravi Sandhu George Mason University
Video Tape Producer Robin Medlock The MITRE Corporation
Tutorial Chair Daniel Faigin The Aerospace Corporation
Special Events Chair Diana Akers The MITRE Corporation
ACSA Chairman of the Board Dr. Marshall Abrams The MITRE Corporation
Publicity Co-Chair Vince Reed The MITRE Corporation
Registration Chair Dr. Ronald A. Gove SAIC
Asst. Treasurer Kraig R. Meyer The Aerospace Corporation
Member at Large Dr. Dixie Baker The Aerospace Corporation
Publicity Co-Chair Art Friedman The MITRE Corporation
Vendor Track Chair Steve Rome DISA/NSA
Member at Large Robert Kovach NASA HQ
Publication Chair Victoria Ashby The MITRE Corporation

Harvey Rabinovitz and Rowena Chester once more organized a special workshop, titled "Issues 94: Public Key-Trials And Tribulations." The workshop provided a useful and exciting forum for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and concerns as interest in Public Key technology was high that year. The ACM's Special Interest Group on Security, Audit, and Control (SIGSAC) sponsored this workshop.

As a new feature to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary, the conference initiated an Outstanding Paper Award. The award is based on both the written paper and an oral presentation of the paper by the author at the conference. A plaque and honorarium are presented to the winning author during each conference.

The Vendor Track was once again orchestrated by Steve Rome of the Products Directorate within the Center for Information Systems Security (CISS), at DISA. Technical presentations were given on capabilities and applications of INFOSEC products as solutions to real-world problems in civil, defense and commercial environments. The theme of 1994's track was "common solutions for Government and industry."

We continued to add diversity to the manner in which computer security applications were discussed at the conference. Paper sessions included refereed papers that described the latest in implementations and applications-oriented research. The conference included two types of sessions designed to allow significant time for interaction with the audience: panel sessions designed to provoke discussion on a controversial topic; forum sessions report on the results of implementation activities. The Vendor Track proved to be valuable as introduced at the 1993 conference and was included again in 1994. The Vendor Track allowed providers of products and/or services an opportunity to describe the innovative ways in which their products or services were being used to implement secure systems.