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1986: There Can't Be A First Without A Second

The four organizers proceeded at once to plan for a second conference to be held in December 1986. They agreed that MITRE, as a private company, should not be included as a sponsor and there was little interest at NASA to participate in spite of the success of the first conference. Agreements were reached with the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA) and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) to act as sponsors. Because the conference was to include classified sessions, agreements were made with the DOD Computer Institute (DODCI) to provide the sponsorship need to permit classified sessions. Because of the inclusion of classified sessions in the conference, the IEEE Computer Society withdrew its support. The conference proceedings for the second and third conferences were published by AIAA. All proceedings after the third were again published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.

The organizing committee obtained the support of Steve Walker, Trusted Information Systems, as the Program Chairman, Dr. Chris Perry, the MITRE Corporation, as Tutorial Chairman. Col. Vic Marshall, then at DODCI, agreed to act as liaison to that organization. Carl Landwehr of NRL and Terry Lozonsky of the NCSC agreed to help out.

AIAA/ASIS/DODCI Second Aerospace Computer Security Conference
December 2-4, 1986
  • A Model for the Containment of Computer Viruses, M. Pozzo and T. Grey
  • Integrity Mechanisms in a Secure Unix: Gould UTX/32s() Miller et. Al.
  • An Industry Perspective of the CCEP, W. Barker
  • Secure Computer Systems: A Network Interpretation, D. E. Bell
  • Electronic Mail Privacy Enhancement, J. Linn and S. Kent
  • A Practical Design for a Multilevel Secure Database Management System, B. Dillaway and J. Haigh
  • Multilevel Data Store Design, C. Garvey and P. Papaccio
  • Secure Database Management System Architectural Analysis, T. Hinke
  • Good Security Practices for I/S Networks, L. Mehrmann
  • Protection of Intellectual Property in Space, J. Landenberger
  • Strawman Definition for the Space Station Information Systems Space Station Security, A. White
  • Access Control and Privacy in Large Distributed Systems, B. Leiner and M. Bishop
  • First Thoughts on Verification of Integrity, S. Porter and T. Arnold
  • New Technology and Patents, D. Newman, Jr.
  • Protecting Property rights in the Computer Industry, T. Marzouk
  • Computer Security Acquisition Management. H. O. Lubbes and B. Stauffer
  • State-of-the-Art in Computer Security for Space Systems, D. Baker
  • Computer Security and User Authentication: Old Problems, New Solutions, J. Spender

The second conference, formally titled the AIAA/ASIS/DODCI Second Aerospace Computer Security Conference, was held Dec. 2-4, 1986 at the Westpark Hotel, Vienna Virginia. The welcome speech was given by Milton E. Moritz, CDP, American Society of Industrial Security. The Keynote speaker was Donald C. Latham, ASD(C3I). Carl Hammer, Ph.D. was the luncheon speaker. His talk was Beyond the Data Processing Horizon. There were eighteen technical papers on subjects from computer viruses to verification of integrity.