Technical Program Features and Organization

We continue to add diversity to the manner in which computer security applications are discussed at the conference. Paper sessions include refereed papers that describe the latest in implementations and applications-oriented research.

The conference includes two types of sessions designed to allow significant time for interaction with the audience: panel sessions are designed to provoke discussion on a controversial topic; forum sessions may report on the results of implementation activities or provide different perspectives on a single topic of interest.

Vendor presentations allow providers of products and/or services an opportunity to describe the innovative ways in which their products or services are being used to implement secure systems.

The Vendor Track will include vendor presentations on capabilities and applications of INFOSEC products to realistic civil, defense, and commercial problems. The Vendor Track will feature systems integrators, designers, and architects from the government and private sector. Displays will also be open on Wednesday during the evening reception and on Thursday during breaks between the sessions.


Wednesday, December 10, 1997

General Session

7:30 Registration
9:00 Opening Remarks Dr. Gary Smith, Conference Chair
9:05 Welcome to San Diego Hotel Manager
9:10 Distinguished Lecture
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Marcus J. Ranum, V-ONE, Inc.
9:50 Student Paper Award Dr. Matt Bishop, Student Chair
UC, Davis
9:55 Technical Program Introduction Dr. Ron Ross, Program Chair
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Virtual Money
Chair: K. Keus, German Information Systems Agency

Micro-digital Money for Electronic Comerce, K. Nguyen, V. Varadharajan, Y. Mu, University of Western Sydney

An Efficient Off-Line Anonymous Cash Scheme, K. Nguyen, V. Varadharajan, Y. Mu, University of Western Sydney

The Secure Distribution of Digital Contents, E. von Faber, R. Hammelrath, F Heider, Debis IT Security Services

Forum: Evolving the Evaluation Paradigm
Chair: M. Schanken, NSA

K. Britton, NSA
G. Copeland, CSC

Click here for information and documents from the Assurance Approaches Working Group (AAWG)

Chair: S. Reichert, NSA

A New Multilevel Secure AT Encryption System, G. Cohen, GTE

The Need for User Encryption Key Recovery in Security-Based Applications, R. Thompson, TIS, Inc.

NetFortress, P. Johannessom, DSN Technology

12:00 LUNCH
1:30 Assurance
Chair: J. Adams, TIS, Inc.

Simple Assured Bastion Hosts, C. Cant, S. Wiseman, Defense Evaluation and Research Agency

Kernel and Shell-Based Applications Integrity Assurance, G. Mohay, J. Zellers, Queensland University of Technology

Risk Assessment for Large Heterogeneous Systems, J. Freeman, T. Darr, R. Neely, CTA Incorporated

Database Security
Chair: L. Notargiacomo, Oracle Corp.

Securing an Object Relational Database, S. Lewis, S. Wiseman, Defense Evaluation and Research Agency

click for text . . Supporting Secure Canonical Upgrade Policies in Multilevel Secure Object Stores, S. Foley, University College Cork

Incremental Assurance for Multilevel Applications, D. Thompson, Secure Computing Corp., M. Denz, Air Force Research Laboratory

Chair: N. Kunes, Motorola

Which Security Solution is Correct for My System?, J. Luchko, Telos

VISART, A Risk Analysis Tool, D. Peeples, NSA

Quantifiable Risk Management, G. Adams, Trident Data Systems

3:00 BREAK
3:30 Forum: Product Assurance
Chair: J. Adams, TIS, Inc.

M. Diaz, Motorola
D. Gambel, Mitretek Systems
M. Aldrich, GRCI
Dr. R. Hefner, TRW

Network Security
Chair: S. LaFountain, NSA

An Efficient Message Authentication Scheme for Link State Routing, S. Cheung, UC, Davis

Detection and Classification of TCP/IP Network Services, K. Tan, B. Collie, Australian Federal Police

Achieving User Privacy in Mobile Networks, B. Askwith, M. Merabti, Q. Shi, K. Whiteley, Distributed Multimedia Systems Group

Intrusion Detection
Chair: M. Landesburg, GTE

Enterprise Security, E. Kaufman, CISCO

Integrated Network Monitoring Approach, J. Johnson, Internet Security, Inc.

Intrusion Management, P. Stephenson, Versalink


Wednesday Reception starts promptly at 5:30 pm. The reception provides an opportunity for informal conversation and renewal of acquaintances. Vendor displays will be available to provide product and service information.