Friday, December 12, 1997

08:30 New Security Domains
Chair: V. Reed, The MITRE Corp.

Remote Electronic Gambling, C. Hall, B. Schneier, Counterpane Systems

Some Thoughts About the Ethical Responsibilities and Legal Liabilities of Network Security Professionals, F. Smith, D. Bailey, Rose, Kohn, & Davenport, Ltd.

click for text PCASSO: Applying and Extending State-of-the-Art Security in the Healthcare Domain, D. Baker, R. Barnhart, T. Buss, SAIC

Panel: Tales From the Darkside: A Realistic View of Protecting an Organization
Chair: I. Winkler, National Computer Security Association

C. Kostick, SAIC
F. Rica, Price Waterhouse, Inc.
J. Ryan, Ryan Networks

Forum: Protecting Laptops
Chair: M. Abrams, The MITRE Corp.

Remote Access to the National Airspace System, B. Ramsey, FAA

Role of Protecting Laptops in Healthcare, J. Trammel, Kaiser Permanente

Evaluation of Laptop Security Products, Ann Marmor-Squires, TRW Inc.

10:00 BREAK
10:30 Panel: Ethical Responsibilities and Legal Liabilities for Network Security Compliance
Chair: F. Smith, Rose, Kohn, & Davenport, Ltd.

L. McCarthy, Sun Microsystems
C. Byrne, Litigator
S. Smaha, Haystack Labs

Security Mechanisms
Chair: F. Sledge, TRW Inc.

Doc, Wyatt and Virgil: Prototyping Storage Jamming Defenses, J. McDermott, R. Gelinas, S. Ornstein, NRL

Protecting Unattended Computers Without Software, C. Landwehr, NRL

Forum: Integrated Information Operations
Chair: S. Hanson, Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC)

Intrusion Detection and Sensor Technologies, E. Carter, AFIWC

Decision Support for Information Operations, J. Pirog, Rome Laboratory

AUTOGRAPH: A Visualization and Analysis Tool for Intrusion Detection, M. Ruhl, NSA

Infrastructure Architecture, T. Metcalf, The MITRE Corp.

12:30 Optional Social Event: Wild Animal Park

Friday Highlight
December 12, 1997
Optional Social Event: San Diego Wild Animal Park

Depart the Hotel at 12:30 pm, depart the park at 6:30 pm, return to hotel at 7:30 pm
(lunch is NOT included)

San Diego Wild Animal Park is a part of the Zoological Society of San Diego, which operates the San Diego Zoo. The Wild Animal Park is dedicated to the preservation and display of endangered species. All the animals are contained in a large natural setting park. Once you are in the park, catch the 50 minute, five mile monorail ride that will take you through Africa and Asia to see animals as you've never seen them before in the expansive natural enclosures. Animal shows are given throughout the day. Eating facilities available in the park.

Sign up for this event on the enclosed registration form. Fee for this event is $25.00. A voucher will be enclosed in your registration packet. A bus will pick you up at our hotel, transport you into the park and return you to the hotel later. Attendance will be limited to 40 people. Pre-registration is required.

Bus departs hotel at 12:30 p.m., departs the park at 6:30 p.m., returns to hotel around 7:30 p.m. Lunch is NOT included in the registration fee.

Click here for more information about The San Diego Wild Animal Park.