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At the 2010 ACSAC Conference in Austin, TX we had two memorial addresses for security colleagues who had died during that year. The Applied Computer Security Associates, which sponsors the ACSAC Conference, decided afterwards to create a permanent repository to remember security experts who made significant contributions to the state of security theory and practice, as well as efforts towards collaboration and sharing with the entire security community. This In-Memoriam web page is the result. The 2010 addresses are included here, along with more recent ones. We are honored to remember their outstanding achievements.

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[Willis Ware] [Yves Deswarte]
Willis Ware

(link to tribute by Gene Spafford)

Yves Deswarte

(link to tribute by Gene Spafford)

[William Winsborough] [Harold F. Tipton]
William Winsborough

(link to tribute at UT San Antonio)

Harold F. Tipton

(link to tribute on ISC2 blog)

Gene Schultz H.O. Lubbes - Image Courtesy of the Lubbes Family
Gene Schultz

(Link to tribute by Gene Spafford)

Herman Otto ("H.O.") Lubbes, Jr.

(Text from 1993 ACSAC bio with updates from Bonnie Danner)
(photo - courtesy of the Lubbes family)

Robert Abbott Paul Karger
Bob Abbott

(Tribute presented by Gene Spafford)

Paul Karger

(Tribute presented by Helmut Kurth)

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