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The Applied Computer Security Associates (ACSA) is a non-profit association of computer security professionals who have a common goal of improving the understanding, theory, and practice of computer security. To this end, ACSA supports a number of activities, all of which serve the goal of improving the computer security field.

ACSA was initially created as the on-going organization that provided continuity funding to the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. The original organization was founded in 1985 as the Aerospace Computer Security Associates (the conference was the Aerospace Computer Security Conference). In 1987, the organization was incorporated in the state of Maryland. In 1989, the conference was renamed the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. In 1995, ACSA changed its name to the Applied Computer Security Associates.

Primary ACSA Activities

Annual Computer Security
Applications Conference
New Security Paradigms
Workshop (NSPW)

Information Security Bookshelf
Layered Assurance Workshop
LASER 2012
Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results
Scholarship for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS)
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