Applied Computer Security Associates (ACSA)

[ACSA logo] ACSA had its genesis in the first Aerospace Computer Security Applications Conference in 1985. That conference was a success and evolved into the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). Several years ago the "Aerospace" was dropped from the name to promote a wider range of government and commercial applications. ACSA was incorporated in 1987 as a small, non-profit association of computer security professionals who have a common goal of improving the understanding, the theory, and the practice of computer security. ACSA continues to be the primary sponsor of the annual conference.

In 1989, ACSA began the Distinguished Lecture Series at the annual conference. Each year an outstanding computer security professional is invited to present a lecture of current topical interest to the security community. Past Distinguished Lecture speakers have included Stephen T. Walker, Dorothy Denning, Willis Ware, James P. Anderson, H. O. Lubbes, and Marcus J. Ranum. In 1991, ACSA began a Best-Paper by a Student Award at the annual conference. This award is intended to encourage active student participation in the annual conference. The Distinguished Lecturer and the award winning student author receive an honorarium and all expenses to the conference.

ACSA continues to be committed to serving the security community by finding additional approaches for encouraging and facilitating dialogue and technical interchange. ACSA is always interested in suggestions from interested professionals and computer security professional organizations on how to achieve these goals.