Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2023

Panel: Securing the Nexus: Cybersecurity Meets AI

Session Chair: Dr. Kimberly King, The Aerospace Corporation

While sometimes frightening, the implications of cybersecurity and AI are also exciting. The implications of disinformation will be vast as AI empowered disinformation becomes mainstream. This technology has already been weaponized, causing riots, death, and destruction. Yet it has also increase automation, reducing human errors and increasing productivity.

There is much promise in AI – our future doesn’t have to be dystopian. For example, while Generative AI models can produce targeted spear phishing emails and generate exploit code (e.g., HackGPT) they can also provide better ways to protect our systems.  The panel will discuss technical, legal, and geopolitical implications of the intersection of cyber and AI. How bad and good will it get?

Dr. Kimberly King, The Aerospace Corporation

Harriet Farlow, Mileva Security Labs
Daniel Garrie Esq., Law & Forensics LLC     SLIDES
Dr. Jade Stewart, NIAP
Dr. Michael Clifford, Toyota InfoTech Labs