Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2023

Posters & Works in Progress Reception with Light Refreshments

Session Chair: Yonghwi Kwon & Chung Hwan Kim


Detecting Memory Injections Using a Hardware Monitor     
Marcus Botacin (Texas A&M University), Uriel Kosayev (CYMDALL), Amichai Yifrach (CYMDALL)
Using Program Knowledge Graph to Uncover Software Vulnerabilities
Mengjie Xie (University of California, Irvine), Tamjid Al Rahat (University of California, Los Angeles), Wei Wang (University of California, Los Angeles), Yuan Tian (University of California, Los Angeles)
SPHERE: Security and Privacy Heterogeneous Environment for Reproducible Experimentation
Jelena Mirkovic (USC Information Sciences Institute), David Balenson (USC Information Sciences Institute), Brian Kocoloski (USC Information Sciences Institute), David Choffnes (Northeastern University), Daniel Dubois (Northeastern University), Terry Benzel (USC Information Sciences Institute), Luis Garcia (University of Utah), Srivatsan Ravi (USC Information Sciences Institute), Ganesh Sankaran (USC Information Sciences Institute), Joseph Barnes (USC Information Sciences Institute), Geoff Lawler (USC Information Sciences Institute), Chris Tran (USC Information Sciences Institute), Alba Regalado (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Facebook Instant Games vs. Android Google Play Games: A Privacy Policy Showdown
Tanzila Tabassum (Louisiana State University), Aisha Ali-Gombe (Louisiana State University)
Bioprinting Security Framework for detecting Sabotage Attacks using in-situ Process Monitoring
Muhammad Ahsan (Virginia Commonwealth University), Eunice Pak (Virginia Commonwealth University), Kate Jackson (Virginia Commonwealth University), Muhammad Haris Rais (Virginia Commonwealth University), Barry Najarro-Blancas (Virginia Commonwealth University), Nastassja Lewinski (Virginia Commonwealth University), Irfan Ahmed (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Sharing Expertise and Artifacts for Reuse through Cybersecurity Community Hub (SEARCCH)
David Balenson (USC Information Sciences Institute), Terry Benzel (USC Information Sciences Institute), Jelena Mirkovic (USC Information Sciences Institute), Laura Tinnel (SRI International), Eric Eide (University of Utah), David Johnson (University of Utah), David Emmerich (University of Illinois)
CLASSNET: Community Labeling and Sharing of Security and Networking Test Datasets
Jelena Mirkovic (USC Information Sciences Institute), John Heidemann (USC Information Sciences Institute), Wes Hardaker (USC Information Sciences Institute), Michalis Kallitsis (previously Merit Network, Inc), Robert Stovall (Merit Network, Inc)

Emergent (In)Security of Multi-Cloud Environments
Morgan Reece (Mississippi State University), Theodore Lander Jr. (Mississippi State University), Sudip Mittal (Mississippi State University), Nidhi Rastogi (Rochester Institute of Technology), Josiah Dykstra (National Security Agency), Andy Sampson (National Security Agency)
 * Best Poster Award 

Automated construction of NGAC policy from natural language
Saja Alqurashi (Colorado State University), Videep Venkatesha (Colorado State University), Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University), Hossein Shirazi (San Diego State University)
Enhancing Physical-based CPS Anomaly Detection Using Large Language Models 
Shaikh Islam (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Chenglong Fu (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Meera Sridhar (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Deterministic Replay and Debugging for Robotic Systems 
Md Nazmus Sakib (University of Texas at Dallas), Seungmok Kim (Korea University), Zelun Kong (University of Texas at Dallas), Seulbae Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology), Kyu Hyung Lee (University of Georgia), Heejo Lee (Korea University), Chung Hwan Kim (University of Texas at Dallas)
Toward Cloud-based FIDO Authentication with Secure Credentials Recovery
Momoko Shiraishi (The University of Tokyo), Takahiro Shinagawa (The University of Tokyo)

Sound Bytes: From Memory to Audio Signals for Industrial Control Systems' Defense 
Nehal Ameen (Virginia Commonwealth University), Ramyapandian Vijayakanthan (Towson University), Adeen Ayub (Virginia Commonwealth University), Aisha Ali-Gombe (Louisiana State University), Irfan Ahmed (Virginia Commonwealth University)
* Best Poster Award 

PinPacker: Automatic Unpacking of Evasive Malware 
Mario D'Onghia (Politecnico di Milano), Daniele Mammone (Politecnico di Milano), Mario Polino (Politecnico di Milano), Michele Carminati (Politecnico di Milano), Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano)

PLCs Bewitched! Attacking the Control Logic through Design Flaws
Adeen Ayub (Virginia Commonwealth University), Wooyeon Jo (Virginia Commonwealth University), Irfan Ahmed (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Works in Progress

General and secure support of legacy computations on TEE
Yongzhi Wang (Texas A&M University Corpus Christi)

Social Engineering meets Image Scaling Attacks: A Survey on the Relationship between Knowledge and Identification
Devon Kelly (Texas A&M University), Sarah Flanery (Texas A&M University), Christiana Chamon (Texas A&M University)

Making a Decompiler out of a Compiler
Ali Ahad (University of Maryland), Yonghwi Kwon (University of Maryland)