Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2022

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Learning from Failures: Secure and Fault-Tolerant Aggregation for Federated Learning

Federated learning allows multiple parties to collaboratively train a global machine learning (ML) model without sharing their private datasets. To make sure that these local datasets are not leaked, existing works propose to rely on a secure aggregation scheme that allows parties to encrypt their model updates before sending them to the central server that aggregate the encrypted inputs. In this work, we design and evaluate a new secure and fault-tolerant aggregation scheme for federated learning that is robust against client failures. We first propose a threshold-variant of the secure aggregation scheme proposed by Joye and Libert. Using this new building block together with a dedicated decentralized key management scheme and a dedicated input encoding solution, we design a privacy-preserving federated learning protocol that, when executed among n clients, can recover from up to n/3 failures. Our solution is secure against a malicious aggregator who can manipulate messages to learn clients' individual inputs. We show that our solution outperforms the state of the art fault-tolerant secure aggregation schemes in terms of computation cost on both the client and the server sides. For example, with a ML model of 100,000 parameters, trained with 600 clients, our protocol is 5.5x faster (1.6x faster in case of 180 clients drop) at the client and 1.3x faster at the server.

Mohamad Mansouri

Melek Önen

Wafa Ben Jaballah
Thales SIX GTS

Paper (ACM DL)



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