Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2022

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DeView: Confining Progressive Web Applications by Debloating Web APIs

A progressive web application (PWA) becomes an attractive option for an emerging web technology building universal applications based on feature-rich web application programming interfaces (Web APIs). While flexible, such vast APIs inevitably bring a significant increase in an API attack surface, which commonly corresponds to a functionality that is neither needed nor wanted by the application. A promising approach to reduce the API attack surface is software debloating, a technique wherein an unused functionality is programmatically removed from an application or API. Unfortunately, debloating PWAs is challenging given the monolithic design and non-deterministic execution of a modern web browser.

In this paper, we present DeView, a practical approach and accompanying system that reduces the attack surface of a PWA by blocking unnecessary but accessible web APIs. DeView tackles the challenges of PWA debloating by i) record-and-replay web API profiling that identifies needed web APIs on an app-by-app basis by replaying (recorded) browser interactions and ii) compiler-assisted browser debloating that eliminates the entry functions of corresponding web APIs from the mapping between web API and its entry point at a binary level. Our evaluation shows the effectiveness and practicality of DeView. DeView successfully eliminates 91.8% of accessible web APIs while i) maintaining original functionalities and ii) preventing 76.3% of known exploits on average.

ChangSeok Oh
Georgia Institute of Technology

Sangho Lee
Microsoft Research

Chenxiong Qian

Hyungjoon Koo
Sungkyunkwan University

Wenke Lee
Georgia Institute of Technology

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