Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2022

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Transformer-Based Language Models for Software Vulnerability Detection

The large transformer-based language models demonstrate excellent performance in natural language processing. By considering the transferability of the knowledge gained by these models in one domain to other related domains, and the closeness of natural languages to high-level programming languages, such as C/C++, this work studies how to leverage (large) transformer-based language models in detecting software vulnerabilities and how good are these models for vulnerability detection tasks. In this regard, firstly, a systematic (cohesive) framework that details source code translation, model preparation, and inference is presented. Then, an empirical analysis is performed with software vulnerability datasets with C/C++ source codes having multiple vulnerabilities corresponding to the library function call, pointer usage, array usage, and arithmetic expression. Our empirical results demonstrate the good performance of the language models in vulnerability detection. Moreover, these language models have better performance metrics, such as F1-score, than the contemporary models, namely bidirectional long short term memory and bidirectional gated recurrent unit. The answers enable extending transformer-based language models to automate vulnerability detection and leveraging their superior performance beyond the natural language processing domain. Besides, we perform the model's security check using Microsoft's Counterfit, a command-line tool to assess the model's security. Our results find that these models, including Bidirectional LSTM, are vulnerable to adversarial examples. Experimenting with the language models is always challenging due to the requirement of computing resources, platforms, libraries, and dependencies. Thus, this paper also analyses the popular platforms to efficiently fine-tune these models and present recommendations while choosing the platforms.

Chandra Thapa
CSIRO Data61

Seung Ick Jang
CSIRO Data61

Muhammad Ejaz Ahmed
CSIRO Data61

Seyit Camtepe
CSIRO Data61

Josef Pieprzyk
CSIRO Data61

Surya Nepal
CSIRO Data61

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