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ICSS – Industrial Control System Security

Draft ICSS Agenda

This list is not final nor in chronological order and provide a list of papers being presented during the workshop. We plan on adding additional presentations and will update this list when necessary.

  • World Wide ICS Honeypots: A Study into the Deployment of Conpot Honeypots, Sam Maesschalck, Vasileios Giotsas, and Nicholas Race, Lancaster University
  • A Laboratory-Scale Spillway SCADA System Testbed for Cybersecurity Research, Mohammad Alim, Shelton Wright, and Thomas Morris, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Device Fingerprinting in a Smart Grid CPS, Chuadhry Mujeeb Ahmed University of Strathclyde; Nandha Kumar Kandasamy SIT; Darren Ng Wei Hong, and Jianying Zhou SUTD
  • Validating the Security Policies in SDN Switch Across ICS Networks, Sandeep Gogineni Ravindrababu, and Jim Alves-Foss, University of Idaho
  • Secure and Efficient Tunneling of MACsec for Modern Industrial Use Case, Tim Lackorzynski, Sebastian Rehms, Tao Li, Hermann Härtig, TU Dresden; and Stefan Köpsell Barkhausen Institute
  • A Case for Practical Configuration Management Using Hardware-based Security Tokens, Tim Lackorzynski, Max Ostermann, Hermann Härtig, TU Dresden; and Stefan Köpsell, Barkhausen Institute
  • Using Cloud Honeypot Platforms for Gathering Industrial-Control-System Attack Intelligence, Alexander Washofsky, Neil Rowe, and Thuy Nguyen, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School