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Test of Time Awards

On the occasion of ACSAC's 35th Anniversary, the Steering Committee instituted the inaugural Test of Time Awards. These awards provide an opportunity to honor papers that have been published at ACSAC that have had enduring significance and impact to the security community. The committee considered papers published during the first 20 years of the conference, from 1985-2004, looking at a corpus of over 630 papers, and discussed their impact on academia, industry, and government. Below are this year's awardees.

awards photo

Automated Detection of Vulnerabilities in Privileged Programs by Execution Monitoring, 1994
Calvin Ko, George Fink, and Karl Levitt

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? What Notes Users Do When Faced With A Security Decision, 2002
Mary Ellen Zurko, Charlie Kaufman, Katherine Spanbauer, and Chuck Bassett

Domain and Type Enforcement Firewalls, 1997
Karen A. Oostendorp, Lee Badger, Christopher D. Vance, Wayne G. Morrison, and Michael J. Petkac