Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2020

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Consider the problem of auditing an investment fund. This usually involves inspecting each transaction in its trading history, accumulating its capital gains and losses, so that its net asset value can be computed precisely to avoid financial frauds. We present ZeroAUDIT, a confidential and privacy preserving auditing platform, which accomplishes this goal without having to know any of a transaction's details. Sitting at the heart of the system is a zero knowledge proof protocol, in the discrete logarithm setting, which allows one to reason about the elements of a Merkle tree. Using it, we can prove that a trading transaction is occurring at a fair market price without disclosing which securities are being traded. We have implemented the system on the Hyperledger Fabric platform and we report the use of batch verification techniques in improving its efficiency.

Aman Luthra
Hofstra University

James Cavanaugh
Hofstra University

Hugo Renzzo Oclese
Hofstra University

Rina M. Hirsch
Hofstra University

Xiang Fu
Hofstra University

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