Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2020

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Policy-based Chameleon Hash for Blockchain Rewriting with Black-box Accountability

Policy-based chameleon hash is a useful primitive for blockchain rewriting. It allows a party to create a transaction associated with an access policy, while another party who possesses enough rewriting privileges satisfying the access policy can rewrite the transaction. However, it lacks accountability. The chameleon trapdoor holder may abuse his/her rewriting privilege and maliciously rewrite the hashed object in the transaction without being identified. In this paper, we introduce policy-based chameleon hash with blackbox accountability (PCHBA). Blackbox accountability allows an attribute authority to link modified transactions to responsible transaction modifiers in case of dispute, in which anyone in the public identifies those transaction modifiers from interacting with an access device/blackbox. We first present a generic framework of PCHBA. Then, we present a practical instantiation, showing its practicality through implementation and evaluation analysis.

Yangguang Tian
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Nan Li
University of Newcastle

Yingjiu Li
University of Oregon

Pawel Szalachowski
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Jianying ZHOU
Singapore University of Technology and Design

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