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Closing Plenary

with emcee Robert H'obbes' Zakon

Make sure to stick around for the Friday closing plenary as we will be giving away lots of goodies! Here is a sample:

  • Apple iPad
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Books from McGraw-Hill, MIT Press, No Starch Press, ITPI, Wiley, and O'Reilly
  • Security games from UTSA/CIAS, Black Hills InfoSec, and Cryptomancer RPG
  • Yubico YubiKeys
A big Thank You to our 2019 donors:
McGraw-Hill                     No Starch Press                     MIT Press                     Black Hills Information Security                    

Wiley                 O'Reilly          

CRC                 ITPI          

CIAS                 Yubico          


giveaways photo
Goodies from 2018 — Every attendee received a coffee mug and Puerto Rican coffee!

giveaways photo
Goodies from 2017 — can you spot the lockpicking set?

Robert emceeing the closing plenary in 2018 and having fun giving away lots of prizes in the historical Condado Plaza Hilton Ball Room