Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2017

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Panel: Neutral Vehicle – Open and Secure Access to Vehicle Big Data

Wednesday, 6 December 2017
10:30 - 12:00

Salon III

Moderator: Dan Massey, University of Colorado Boulder  SLIDES

Glenn Atkinson, Geotab  SLIDES
Craig Smith, Rapid7 and Open Garages
Kevin Harnett, US DOT Volpe Center  SLIDES
Scott Tousley, DHS S&T Cyber Security Division  SLIDES


Big data from vehicles is at a crossroads. Modern vehicles provide a rich source of data about their usage (e.g., gas mileage, engine performance) and their environment (e.g., weather, traffic congestion).  One leading vehicle telematics vendor collects over 1.5 billion data points per day.  The data could enable safer roads and improve accident response, reduce carbon footprints and congestion, and lead to numerous new innovations in smart communities. All this will only be possible if we can ensure reasonable access to the data and address the substantial security and privacy challenges associated with the data.  

This panel will discuss an approach designed to ensure vehicle data – including big data – is openly and securely available. We will explore some of the security challenges related to vehicle data and propose security principles to enable open access. A number of stakeholders are now encouraging the development of an industry-wide "Neutral Vehicle” platform that would allow for trusted access to data stored in a “neutral server” using an open, secure, and modular platform design. We will compare and contrast this approach with other approaches where individual companies control access and develop their own security practices. We believe the socio-economic and competitive benefits of a Neutral Vehicle may parallel or potentially outweigh the individual companies' benefits.



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