Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2017

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Distinguished Practitioner Keynote: Delivering Security Insights with Data Analytics and Visualization

Wednesday, 6 December 2017
09:00 - 10:00

Salon IV-V

Chair: David Balenson

Delivering Security Insights with Data Analytics and Visualization
Raffael Marty, VP Security Analytics, Sophos


It's an interesting exercise to look back to the year 2000 to see how we approached cyber security. We just started to realize that data might be a useful currency, but for the most part, security pursued preventative avenues, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and anti-virus. With the advent of log management and security incident and event management (SIEM) solutions we started to gather gigabytes of sensor data and correlate data from different sensors to improve on their weaknesses and accelerate their strengths. But fundamentally, such solutions didn't scale that well and struggled to deliver real security insight.

Today, cybersecurity wouldn't work anymore without large scale data analytics and machine learning approaches, especially in the realm of malware classification and threat intelligence. Nonetheless, we are still just scratching the surface and learning where the real challenges are in data analytics for security.

This talk will go on a journey of big data in cybersecurity, exploring where big data has been and where it must go to make a true difference. We will look at the potential of data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, as well as the boundaries of these approaches. We will also look at both the shortcomings and potential of data visualization and the human computer interface. It is critical that today's systems take into account the human expert and, most importantly, provide the right data.

About the Speaker:

Raffael Marty is vice president of security analytics at Sophos, and is responsible for all strategic efforts around security analytics for the company and its products. He is based in San Francisco, Calif. Marty is one of the world's most recognized authorities on security data analytics, big data, and visualization. His team at Sophos spans these domains to help build products that provide Internet security solutions to Sophos' vast global customer base.

Previously, Marty launched pixlcloud, a visual analytics platform, and Loggly, a cloud-based log management solution. With a track record at companies including IBM Research, ArcSight, and Splunk, he is thoroughly familiar with established practices and emerging trends in the big data and security analytics space. Marty is the author of Applied Security Visualization and a frequent speaker at academic and industry events. Zen meditation has become an important part of Raffy's life, sometimes leading to insights not in data but in life.


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