Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2016

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Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW)

Monday, 5 December 2016
08:30 - 12:00


Workshop Theme:

LAW is a unique opportunity for interchange on the topic of compositional (or modular) assurance. It is founded on the bold proposition that it is possible to build assured systems from compositions of previously assured components, while being able to derive the system level properties (e.g., safety & security) systematically from the properties of the components. LAW spans the theoretical, engineering, and certification challenges to be met in making compositional assurance for such systems a reality.

We say layered assurance to encompass diverse manifestations of combined assurance, including composition (of assured components), incremental certification (incremental cost for incremental change), abstraction layers (building upon assurance of lower layers), and polymorphism (common assurance of variants, such as among members of a product line).

Workshop Program:

7:30-8:30 BREAKFAST
8:30-8:35 Welcome and Opening Remarks –Rance J. DeLong, Gabriela F. Ciocarlie, Peter G. Neumann

8:35-10:00 Keynote Talk: Layered Architectural Design, Implementation, and Assurance Harald Rueß, fortiss, Munich, DE

10:00-10:30 BREAK

10:30-12:00 Invited Talk: CertiKOS: A Layered Architecture for Building Certified System Software Zhong Shao, Yale University, US


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