National Interest Track

For over thirty years an internationally recognized source of practical computer security solutions, the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) provides a common ground for government, industry, and academia to address hard problems in cybersecurity. Effective solutions require more than just good technology though, and ACSAC's National Interest Track (NIT) focuses on the "policy to practice" that is necessary for successful technology application. In the NIT, policy makers receive feedback from technology developers and end users on nation level initiatives. Recent NIT sessions have examined national guidance on system security engineering, risk management, and controlled unclassified information, and have explored national research initiatives targeting government vehicle security, cyber resiliency, and cybersecurity experiments. With the NIT, ACSAC embraces its responsibility to go beyond the popular appeal of the latest hacker exploit and address the systemic challenges facing our national cyber protection strategies.

Please view the ACSAC Program, once it is available, to see the list of confirmed speakers and topics for this year's conference.

Additional ACSA Events:
NSPW – New Security Paradigms Workshop
LASER – Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results