Annual Computer Security Applications Conference 2015

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Provenance based Integrity Protection for Windows

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Existing malware defenses are primarily reactive in nature, with defenses effective only on malware that has previously been observed. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a generation of stealthy, highly targeted exploits and malware that these defenses are unprepared for. Thwarting such malware requires new defenses that are, by design, secure against unknown malware. In this paper, we present SPIF, an approach that defends against malware by tracking code and data origin, and ensuring that any process that is influenced by code or data from untrusted sources will be prevented from modifying important system resources, and interacting with benign processes. SPIF is designed for Windows, the most widely deployed desktop OS, and the primary platform targeted by malware. SPIF is compatible with all recent Windows versions (Windows XP to Windows 10), and supports a wide range of feature rich, unmodified applications, including all popular browsers, office software and media players. SPIF imposes minimal performance overheads while being able to stop a variety of malware attacks, including Stuxnet and the recently reported Sandworm malware. An open-source implementation of our system is available.


Wai Kit Sze    
Stony Brook University
United States

R. Sekar    
Stony Brook University
United States


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