Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2014

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Lightweight Authentication of Freshness in Outsourced Key-Value Stores

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Data outsourcing to the public cloud (e.g. Amazon), while offering
cost-effective management of big-data, requires data authenticity and query
integrity to remain in the control of the data owners and users.

In this paper, we address the authenticated data-outsourcing problem
specifically for multi-version key-value data that is subject to continuous
updates under the constraints of data integrity, data authenticity, and
``freshness'' (i.e., ensuring that the value returned for a key is the latest
version). We detail this problem and propose IncBM tree, a novel construct
delivering freshness and authenticity. Our system design, based on generic
key-value stores, is optimized in performance to address the practical
situation where data owners and users are with limited computing power.


Yuzhe Tang    
Georgia Tech
United States

Ting Wang    
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights
United States

Ling Liu    
Georgia Tech
United States

Xin Hu    
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights
United States

Jiyong Jang    
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights
United States


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