Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2013

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Designing State-of-the-Art Business Partner Connections

The rapid evolution of cloud based computing is often used to illustrate a possible paradigm shift in computing, characterized by various aspects such as a high degree of flexibility in the course of system provisioning or network connections. At the same time, connections to External Business Partners (EBP) become more and more a crucial requirement for the successful operation of business processes. The required flexibility in establishing connections to external services (in the broadest sense, both the Cloud and EBPs) in combination with a high degree of volatility and uncertainty result in the need for agile processes which still allow the safeguarding of the desired security level of the corporate network. We present a framework for the implementation of such processes in very large global enterprise environments based on several case studies. The framework utilizes the instruments of trust and control, corresponding metrics, and experience from 10+ years of security field work and operations.


Matthias Luft    


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