Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2013

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Revisiting Graphical Passwords for Augmenting, not Replacing, Text Passwords

Users generally choose weak passwords which can be easily
guessed. On the other hand, adoption of alternatives to text
passwords has been slow due to cost and usability factors.
We acknowledge that incumbent passwords remain difficult
to beat and introduce in this study Type&Click (T&C), a
hybrid scheme supporting text passwords with the graphical
passwords. In T&C, users first type a text as usual and then
make a single click on an image to complete the password
entry. While largely preserving the login experience with
the text passwords, the new scheme utilizes accumulated
scientifi c knowledge in graphical password research (implicit feedback, persuasion during password creation, leveraging cued recall memory). The results of our user study suggest that T&C is promising for augmenting text passwords for improved security without degrading usability.


Murat Akpulat    
Gumushane University

Kemal Bicakci    
TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Ugur Cil    
TOBB University of Economics and Technology


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