Works in Progress (WiP)

COTS Multi-Level Secure File Servers for the Cloud
Mark R. Heckman
Roger R. Schell
Edwards E. Reed
Aesec Global Services, USA
Semantic Based Policy Management for Cloud Computing
Hassan Takabi
James Joshi
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Utility of SQLIA Detection and Prevention Techniques
Charles Asanya
Ratan K. Guha
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Getting to Hey -- A fresh look at establishing a security vulnerability reporting program
Cristina Serban
AT&T Security Research Center, US
Security Aspects of Internet Voting
Md Abdul Based
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
Protecting Users' Data on Smartphones against Loss and Theft
Ildar Muslukhov
Yazan Boshmaf
Konstantin Beznosov
The Laboratory for Education and Research in Secure Systems Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Cynthia Kuo
Jonathan Lester
Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, USA
Distributed Mission Operations Network Cross Domain Solution Overview
Danner, Bonnie P (IS)
Northrup Grumman Systems Corporation
Usable Secure Webmail
Kent E. Seamons
Computer Science Department, Brigham Young University
Implementation of Web Application Security Assessment For Public Service Institution -- an Indonesiann Perspective
Dr. Hasyim Gautama
Mr. Yudhistira Nugraha
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Republic of Indonesia
Preventing execution of JIT shellcode by isolating running processes
Ken Ichikawa
Kanta Matsuura
Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, Japan
Covert Channel in Smart Phones
Li Yang
Wade Gasior
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
A COTS, Virtualized, Adaptable, High-Assurance Guard Server
Roger R. Schell
Mark R. Heckman
Edwards E. Reed
Aesec Global Services, USA
CRAVE: A Challenge Response Application to Voting Electronically
Jeremy R. Epstein
SRI International