Social Event – SeaWorld


Our Friday social event after the conference ends is an afternoon spent outdoors at the famed SeaWorld Orlando. The event includes roundtrip bus transportation between the hotel and the park. Attendees can pick up a sandwich to go from the hotel cafe or eat lunch in the park. The pickup at the park to return to the hotel will be in time for dinner and the nightlife at the many restaurants and venues in the nearby Downtown Disney area.

SeaWorld Orlando is a theme park and marine-life based zoological park in Orlando about 15 minutes away from the Buena Vista Palace. There are individually themed attractions and select themed areas of the park rather than dedicated themed "lands" or sections as in most other theme parks. The main entrance of the park features a Florida-inspired theme with lush tropical landscaping and an artificial freshwater marine with a shamu-themed iconic lighthouse. The Manta attraction, a flying roller coaster and aquarium exhibit featuring rays, sea dragons and other species is near the main entrance area. Key West at SeaWorld is designed to mimic the appearance of the city of Key West, Florida. Animal exhibits include Cownose rays, Southern stingrays, Green sea turtles, Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, West Indian Manatees and American Alligator. The stingray and dolphin habitats offer opportunities to feed the animals. Shamu's Happy Harbor is a children's area hosted by Shamu, the park's killer whale mascot. It is adjacent to Shamu Stadium and features six family rides. The Waterfront at SeaWorld resembles a seaside Mediterranean village with shops, restaurants and a pearl dive exhibit as well as the park's iconic Sky Tower ride. The Wild Arctic indoor pavilion is a combined attraction which includes a motion flight simulator or film followed by an indoor animal exhibit hosting Polar bears, Beluga whales, and Pacific walruss. It is designed to resemble a research station in the Arctic Ocean.


SeaWorld Orlando has a vast array of live shows and attractions including rides and animal exhibits. Many of the live shows feature trained animals. These shows include: Shamu Stadium, the seven-million gallon home to the park's killer whale performers; Whale and Dolphin Stadium featuring dolphins, killer whales, macaws and an Andean condor; Sea Lion and Otter Stadium featuring a pair of California Sea Lions; Bayside Stadium hosting numerous music concert series; Nautilus Theater hosting an acrobatic show similar to Cirque du Soleil; Reflections hosting a seasonal firework show.

The rides at SeaWorld Orlando include: Kraken, a floorless roller coaster; Journey to Atlantis, a boat ride with roller coaster elements themed to the mythical Atlantis which allows you to explore dark, watery passageways through the sunken city; Shamu Express, a family roller coaster; Sky Tower, a 400-foor tall rotating observation tower; Sea Carousel, a carousel themed with caricatured marine mammals and fish; Jazzy Jellies, a baloon tower-style ride that lifts up and spins controlled by riders in a teacup-style car; Swishy Fishies, a Mad Tea Party-themed ride themed as fish spinning around a giant waterspout; Ocean Commotion, a rocking 19-foot tugboat ride; Net Climb, a four story net climb play area with tire swings and slides.

The animal exhibits include: Penguin Encounter; Shark Encounter, featuring an underwater tunnel and a wide array of sharks, rays and venomous fish; Pacific Point Preserve, home of the park's sea lions and seals; Dolphin Cove, an outdoor exhibit where you can feed and touch Bottlenose Dolphins; Turtle Point, an outdoor exhibit featuring rescued sea turtles in a shallow pool with a beach; Manatee Rescue, home to rescued Florida manatees and alligators; Stingray Lagoon, a covered exhibit where you can touch stingrays; and Flamingo Pond, an outdoor exhibit where flamingoes are showcased.