Panel: Preparing for 2020: What Should We Be Doing Now?

Moderator: Deborah Frincke, Chief Scientist CyberSecurity, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA

Many have said that too much emphasis is placed on solving last year.s problems just in time for . next year. Clearly this is not an optimal state of affairs! However, if we want to prepare for the future, what is it we should be doing? This panel addresses the issue of devising visionary goal-directed cybersecurity research around four themes:

  • What are the cybersecurity research problems we expect to be important to society in ten or eleven years?
  • How should a researcher frame his/her investigations so that the results will lead to a cybersecurity research program that is designed to produce useful results for the future, in a field that is so applied?
  • How can security research support usability . not just from an HCI standpoint, but from the standpoint that the innovations produced from basic research are practical and beneficial.
  • What kind of educational programs support truly visionary goal-directed research as opposed to incremental or .useful by accident. research?
  • What are the governmental and industry barriers and opportunities around the developing and funding of visionary programs . what has been done successfully by others?


  • Matt Bishop, University of California, Davis
  • Peter Neumann, SRI
  • Ming-Yuh Huang, The Boeing Company
  • Becky Bace, InQTel
  • Tomas Vagoun, NITRD (National Cyber Leap Year)