Closed-Circuit Unobservable Voice over IP

Carlos Aguilar Melchor
XLIM, Université de Limoges

Yves Deswarte
LAAS-CNRS, Université de Toulouse

Julien Igutchi-Cartigny
XLIM, Université de Limoges

Among all the security issues in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications,
one of the most difficult to achieve is traffic analysis
resistance. Indeed, classical approaches providing a reasonable degree
of security, induce large round-trip times that are incompatible with

In this paper, we describe some of the privacy and security
issues derived from traffic analysis in VoIP. We also give an
overview of how to provide low-latency VoIP communication with strong
resistance to traffic analysis and present a server which can provide
such resistance to hundreds of users even if the server is

Keywords: Unobservability, Voice over IP, low-latency

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