Secure Distributed Cluster Formation in Wireless Sensor Networks

kun sun
north carolina state univeristy

pai peng
north carolina state univeristy

Peng Ning
north carolina state univeristy

Cliff Wang
Army Research Office

In wireless sensor networks, clustering sensor nodes into small
groups is an effective technique to achieve scalability,
self-organization, power saving, channel access, routing, etc. A
number of cluster formation protocols have been proposed recently.
However, most existing protocols assume benign environments, and are vulnerable to attacks from malicious nodes. In this paper, we
propose a secure distributed cluster formation protocol to organize
sensor networks into mutually disjoint cliques. Our protocol has the following properties: (1) normal nodes are divided into mutually
disjoint cliques; (2) all the normal nodes in each clique agree on
the same clique memberships; (3) while external attackers can be
prevented from participating in the cluster formation process,
inside attackers that do not follow the protocol semantics can be
identified and removed from the network; (4) the communication
overhead is moderate; (5) the protocol is fully distributed.

Keywords: secure cluster formation, sensor networks

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