Adder: A Secure Internet Voting System

Aggelos Kiayias
University of Connecticut

Michael Korman
University of Connecticut

David Walluck
University of Connecticut

This work introduces the ADDER system, an Internet-
based, free and open source electronic voting system
which employs strong cryptography. Our system is a fully
functional e-voting platform and enjoys a number of secu-
rity properties such as robustness, trust distribution, ballot
privacy, auditability and verifiability. It can readily imple-
ment and carry out various voting procedures in parallel
and can be used for small scale boardroom/department-
wide voting as well as large-scale elections. In addition,
ADDER employs a flexible voting scheme which allows the
system to carry out procedures such as surveys or other
data collection activities. ADDER offers a unique opportu-
nity to study cryptographic voting protocols from a sys-
tems perspective and to explore the security and usability
of electronic voting systems.

Keywords: Electronic voting, homomorphic encryption, implementation

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