Works In Progress Program

Date: 5:30 - 7:00pm - Wed. Dec. 7, 2005
Chair: Mary Ellen Zurko, IBM Software Group

The WIP session is intended as a forum to:

We welcome submissions that are relevant to the general topic of computer security. In particular, we invite students and engineers from industry to take this opportunity to exchange their ideas and solutions, as well as technical problems and practical experience, with the community.

This year's program includes:

  1. Simple Voice Security Protocol -Carole Bassil, Ecole National Superieur des Telecommunications
  2. Wireless and Mobile Networks Security . Matthew N. Anyanwu, Jackson State University
  3. Secure Group Management in Peer-to-Peer Networks . Anish Kamra, Mohamed Shehab, Purdue University
  4. A Novel Intrusion Detection System Architecture - Duane Wilson, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
  5. An efficient context-sensitive intrusion detection technique . Haizhi Xu, Syracuse University
  6. A Flow Reduction Method for Anomaly Detection based on Multi-Stage Traffic Analysis - Masashi TSUJI, Tohoku University
  7. Data Modeling and Data Warehousing Techniques to Improve IDS . Anoop Singhal, NIST
  8. Selection of Flow Features for Use in Traffic Characterization - Annie De Montigny, Communications Research Centre Canada
  9. Traffic Pattern Filtering Based on Lower Bounds of Traffic Volume for DDoS Traceback - Hironori UTSUMI, Tohoku University
  10. Building Breach Law Compliance into Incident Response Procedures . Cristina Serban, AT&T Labs
  11. Cost Estimation for Secure Software and Systems - Edward Colbert, University of Southern California
  12. Hardware acceleration of elliptic curve cryptography for server systems - Christian Puehringer, Graz University of Technology
  13. The State of Messaging Security: Defenses are Getting Stronger as Evil Doers Morph . Paul Coe, Ciphertrust
  14. Fine-Grained Taint Analysis using Regular Expressions - Aleks Kissinger, University of Tulsa
  15. Engineering Challenges in Immunizing Systems Against Malicious Code . Craig Chamberlain, Verdasys

WIP program may be subject to last minute change

Please contact the WIP Chair or the ACSAC Program Chair ( for any questions on WIP sessions.