Using Continuous Biometric Verification to Protect Interactive Login Sessions

Sandeep Kumar
National University of Singapore

Terence Sim
National University of Singapore

Rajkumar Janakiraman
National University of Singapore

Sheng Zhang
National University of Singapore

In this paper we describe the theory, architecture, implementation, and
performance of a multi-modal passive biometric verification system that
continually verifies the presence/participation of a logged-in user. We
assume that the user used some form of strong authentication for login
prior to starting the continuous verification. While our implementation
combines a digital camera-based face verification with a mouse-based
fingerprint reader, the architecture is generic enough to accommodate
additional biometric devices with different strengths of discerning a
given user from an imposter (probability based). The main thrust of our
work is to build this multi-modal biometric feedback mechanism into the
operating system so that verification failure can automatically lock up
the computer within some estimate of the time it takes to subvert the
computer by another human. This must be done with low false positives in
order to realize a usable system. We show through experimental results
that combining multiple modalities in our theoretical framework can
effectively do that for a proper set of modalities.

Keywords: Biometrics, Verification, Access Control

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