Works In Progress Session

Date: 5:45 - 7:00pm - Wed. Dec. 8, 2004
Chair: Christoph Schuba, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The WIP session is intended as a forum to:

We welcome submissions that are relevant to the general topic of computer security. In particular, we invite students and engineers from industry to take this opportunity to exchange their ideas and solutions, as well as technical problems and practical experience, with the community.

This year's program includes:

  1. A Software Rejuvenation Approach to Security Engineering - Khin Mi Mi Aung, Hankuk Aviation University
  2. Toward Improved Federated Identity and Privilege Management in Open Systems - Rafae Bhatti, Purdue University
  3. Active Defense Decision and Escalation Model - Sergio Caltagirone, University of Idaho
  4. XMeta: a Bayesian Approach for Computer Forensics - Thomas DUVAL, DGA/CELAR, Supelec
  5. Findings Security Errors in Java Applications Using Lightweight Static Analysis - Benjamin Livshits, Stanford University
  6. An Alternative Approach To Address Insider Threat: Establishing Probable Cause For Counterintelligence Investigation - Richard Neely, CTA Incorporated
  7. Access Control for Distributed Health Care Applications - Lillian RÝstad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  8. Predicting Error-Resilient Collective Outcomes in Wireless Networks - Arnold Urken, Stevens Institute of Technology
  9. Augmenting Address Space Layout Randomization with Island Code - Haizhi Xu, Syracuse University
  10. Applying Self-Repair to Reference Monitors - Toshihiro Yoshino, Tokyo University
  11. Evolving Behavior Models for Intrusion Detection - Zhuowei Li, Nanyang Technological University
  12. The DETER Testbed - Terry V. Benzel, Information Sciences Institute
  13. Vertical Sensitivity for the Information Security Health Rating for Enterprises - Arcot Desai Narasimhalu, Singapore Management University

WIP program may be subject to last minute change

Please contact Christoph Schuba ( or the ACSAC Program Chair ( for any questions on WIP sessions.