Distinguished Practitioner

Clark Weissman photo The Distinguished Speaker for the 19th ACSAC Conference will be Clark Weissman.

Clark Weissman, Northrop Grumman, Information Systems is head of the Information Assurance/Multilevel Security (IA/MLS) group within Avionics and Systems Software R&D. Clark has 47 years of experience in secure systems research, development, and management. He currently is Principal Investigator of a DARPA-funded R&D program on "Security/Trust as a Polymorphic Computing Architecture Constraint" that is formally modeling a new cryptographic approach to building trusted avionics systems, MLS-PCA, responsive to DOD Joint Vision JV2020. He is leading an internal IRAD project to implement a prototype of the MLS-PCA model using a Grid Computing network to simulate the thousands of avionics processors forecast by Moore's Law for 2020 upon which the R&D is based. He is also active on the Secure Systems Engineering Working Group (SSEWG) for the JSF (F-35) program. Clark led a team that delivered an Information Assurance/MLS analysis report to the Navy on the Joint Command Control ship program, JCC(X).

Prior to joining Northrop Grumman in 2000, he was Principal consultant for Clark Weissman Consulting Corp., performed dozens of security tasks for DOD and industry (1993 -2000). He was a Visiting Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School lecturing on Flaw Hypothesis Method, his invention for security penetrations (1998). He was the lead security developer of the unique and significant Class A1 certified BLACKER Multi Level Secure (MLS) appliqué to Defense Data Net (1984 -1990.) He held increasingly responsible positions at Unisys Defense Systems rising to R&D Division Manager (1984 . 1992), and Chief Technologist (1971 . 1993).

Clark has a long career of public service to his profession serving on NSA Network Security Working Groups (1989, 1992); National Science Foundation Export Control software panels (1980, 1987, 1990); Chairman IEEE Security Symposium (1986); Cochairman National Academy of Science, Woods Hole Secure Data Management Systems (1982), ACM CACM Editor OS Department (1973-1975), and National Lecturer (1960s). He is author of the long selling (25 years) LISP1.5 Primer (1968.); author of dozens of professional papers including three "Best Paper Awards" for time-sharing (FJCC 1963), MLS Operating System (SJCC 1969), and BLACKER Security Engineering (IEEE 1988). He holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT (1956), and graduate studies at Rutgers, USC, and UCLA.

He is married to Elaine for 25 years, has six grown children, and seven grand children. With his wife he founded the California Traditional Music Society 25 years ago, which nurtures learning of folk music of much of the native and immigrant cultures of North America, (see www.ctmsfolkmusic.org). He plays the 5-string banjo at local dances and jams.

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