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Dr. Daniel Geer oversees the strategy and direction of @stake's approach to digital security. Over the last 25 years, he has researched, developed, and instructed on the use of technology in medical computing, distributed systems management, and digital security. Dr. Geer has an extensive background in medical computing, culminating in a systems manager role for the Health Sciences Computer Facility at Harvard University. He went on to manage systems development for MIT's Project Athena, the first large distributed computing plant. Project Athena introduced much of the general organization of enterprise computing we now take for granted, including the X Windows System and Kerberos.

In the private sector, Dr. Geer served as a Director of Engineering at Open Market, Inc. and as Chief Scientist and Vice President of OpenVision Technologies (now Veritas). Prior to joining @stake, he was Vice President and Senior Strategist at CertCo, the leading on-line risk assurance authority.

An expert in modern security protocols and network solutions, Dr. Geer has been called to testify before the House Science Committee and the Subcommittee on Technology about public policy in the age of electronic commerce.

Dr. Geer speaks and publishes regularly on a range of issues in digital security. His November 1998 speech, "Risk Management is Where the Money Is," has been widely quoted, warranting both reprint as a special issue of the RISKS Digest and prompting editorial comment in Wired Magazine. With Avi Rubin of ATT Research and Marcus Ranum of Network Flight Recorder, he is co-author of The WebSecurity Sourcebook.

He holds a Sc.D. in biostatistics from the Harvard University School of Public Health as well as an S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He recently completed his term as President of USENIX, the advanced computing systems association.

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