Genoa TIE, Advanced Boundary Controller Experiment

Eric Monteith
NAI Labs

This document describes experimentation performed as part of the Genoa Technology Integration Experiment (TIE). Achieved in two phases, the overarching assertion of the Genoa TIE was that boundary controllers, in the form of an automated guard, could play an important role in the operational success of Project Genoa. Genoa, an ongoing DARPA research program, is focused on developing a prototype decision support environment for the National Command Authority, and is intended to mitigate potential international crises early in their development. In addition to protection from Information Warfare attacks across the Internet and other sources, boundary controllers could assist the Genoa system in managing important aspects of information sharing, by implementing access control and content filtering for inter-enclave transactions. The focus of this paper includes experimentation with syntactic and Natural Language Processing filters within the Genoa environment, and the measurement of their effectiveness in filtering inter-enclave transactions.

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